Birth Wars


Told through deeply personal stories in the trenches of the healthcare sector, “Birth Wars” chronicles a power struggle between doctors and midwives in Mexico about whose vision of childbirth should prevail. The film takes viewers on a journey into two worlds riven by prejudices and antagonism and explores how building bridges between these worlds could help save lives.

Birth Wars




  • - November 24-29 - Festival Internacional de Cine de Merida y Yucatán.
  • - November 11-22 - EQUIS Festival de Cine Feminista de Ecuador.
  • - November 7-20- YOFIFest 2020 The Yonkers Film Festival.
  • - October 30 - November 5th - Commffest Global Community Film Festival - Toronto.
  • - September 16, 7PM - New York Latino Film Festival -virtual festival.
  • - September 17 - 27 - San Diego Latino Film Festival - virtual festival.
  • - September 8 - 13 - Richmond International Film Festival - virtual festival.
  • - August 27 - September 3 - Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival - virtual festival.
  • - June 26, 2020 - Rastro Documentary Film Festival, Brasilia - virtual festival.
  • - June 24-25 - Socially Relevant Film Festival NY - virtual festival.
  • - June 18-26, 2020 - DOXA Film Festival, Vancouver - virtual festival.
  • - May 9, 2020 - Ambulante en Casa, all day virtual screening on:
  • - March 15 + 20, 2020 - Festival International de Films de Femmes, Paris - Créteil, 3PM on both days.
  • - March 18, 2020 - SR Socially Relevant Film Festival NY - Baha’i Auditorium, 53 E. 11St, NYC, 7:30PM
  • - March 16 + 18, 2020 - San Diego Latino Film Festival
  • - January 22 + 23, 2020 - Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA Premiere, Metro Theater (January 22nd at 11:00am and 23rd at 2:00pm.)
  • - January 16, 2020 - Zacatecas International Film Festival, 4pm, Cinemex Zacatecas.
  • - October 24, 2019 - XV Muestra Internacional de Mujeres en el Cine y la TV, Cineteca Nacional, CDMX
  • - October 17+18, 2019 - DocsMX, Official Selection, Opera Prima Mexico. (October 17, 6:30PM, Goethe Institut / October 18, 8:00PM, Cino Lido).
  • - August 18, 2019 - DoQumenta, International Documentary Film Festival, Querétaro - Screening during FEM, the Women's Voices Program.
  • - July 20, 2019 - Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF) - Official Selection Special Screening during Zero Violence Against Women event.
  • - June 4, 2019 - Women Deliver Film Festival - screening of 10 minute segment of Birth Wars at Women Deliver international conference to build a gender equal world.



Director, Cinematographer and Producer

Janet Jarman Janet is a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker. Since 2003, she has been based in Mexico, where she focuses on topics such as the country’s ongoing security issues, immigration, access to healthcare, and water resource challenges. Jarman’s work has been published in The New York Times, GEO,, Smithsonian Magazine, The Washington Post, Stern, Der Spiegel, amongst others. Her photographs have been featured at Visa Pour l’Image, Perpignan and her visual journalism work has received numerous international awards. “Birth Wars” is Janet’s first feature-length documentary film.

Co-Producer and Editor

Filip Lein Filip has been based in Mexico since 2003, when he started to dedicate himself full-time to a visual journalism partnership with Janet Jarman. He has been the co-producer and editor on all her motion work to date. He is also a co-founder of Edumundo 360, an educational software company that focuses on developing and distributing ground-breaking reading comprehension and critical thinking solutions.

Executive Producer

Sharon BissellSharon is Director for the MacArthur Foundation’s Mexico Office, which provides grantmaking to civil society organizations in reproductive health and human rights. Before joining MacArthur, Sharon worked at a leading Mexican reproductive rights organization, as a consultant for numerous Mexican civil society organizations and networks, and as a professor at the University of Puerto Rico.


Post Producer

Detachment EastDetachment East (DET EAST) is a new breed of VFX / picture post-production house aimed at independent filmmakers and creators of high-quality imagery.